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Effective November 8, 2010 all “Signal persons” and “Riggers” shall be qualified. This is a mandatory requirement in accordance with 29 CFR 1926.1400 Regulations. Signal person qualifications are identified under §1926.1428. Complete Safety Inc. has partnered with Crane Tech to offer programs to assist the construction industry to comply with this regulation. The duration of each program is 4-6 hours. Classes are limited to 15 persons per class.

Qualified Signal Person Training
Time: 4-6 hrs

The Qualified Signal Person program also satisfies ASME B30.5 requirements applicable to general industry. "All signal persons must be tested and they must demonstrate qualification as a signal person."

Qualified Signal Person training meets both of these requirements and provides the documentation required by OSHA.

Safety training programs
Qualified Rigger Training
Time: 4-6 hrs

Rigger qualifications are required as mentioned under §1926.1404(r)(1) and §1926.1425 (c)(3). The duration of each program is 4-6 hours. Programs are limited to 15 persons per class.

Qualified Rigger keys on the specific requirements of OSHA 1926.1400. A qualified rigger is needed during assembly/disassembly of cranes, when employees are engaged in hooking, unhooking, or guiding the load, or in the initial connection of a load to a component or structure and are within the fall zone. A qualified rigger is defined as a qualified person who, by possession of a recognized degree, certificate or professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training and experience, successfully demonstrated the ability to solve/resolve problems relating to rigging. NCCCO certified riggers meet this requirement [1926.1404; 1926.1425].

This course brings all of the rigging concerns into focus for a practical, field proven method of ensuring rigging safety.

Fall Protection and Prevention User Course
Time: 3 hr.
This course is designed to introduce fall protection and prevention concepts that can help keep workers safe and comply with regulations governing fall protection, and maintain a successful fall prevention and protection program. Hands on equipment inspections, anchor points, proper fitting of equipment, equipment selection and use, and rescue.

Aerial and Scissor Lift User Course
Time: 2-3 hr.
This course is designed to teach workers to properly inspect and operate aerial and scissor lifts. Operators and users of lifts will be trained in the following: Types of lifts and their uses. Operator's manuals for specific lifts, Pre-start inspection, Worksite inspection, Stability factors concerning the lift, Safety equipment and devices, Safety procedures, Operation of the lift, Control features of the lift, Fall protection, Shutdown procedures.

Excavation and Trenching Competent Person Course
Time: 6-8 hr.
This course was developed to help meet the requirements of CFR29 1926 Sub Part P.  The competent person will oversee work performed at the worksite. Training in soil analysis and in the use of proper protective systems is provided.  Training to be knowledgeable about trenching and excavation standards and how to identify hazards and unsafe conditions. The competent person will have the authority to stop work when unsafe conditions exist. The competent person will generally have a greater level of training and experience than other employees as required by OSHA standards.

Forklift Operator Course
Time: 2-3 hr.
This course was developed to help workers meet the requirements of 29CFR1910.178. Employees are appropriately trained before operating their forklifts and are given both classroom and hands-on instruction in the following areas: The contents of the OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.178, Types and characteristics of forklifts, pre-operational inspections, Basic driving, stability and load handling, Fuels & batteries and Attachments.

Electrical Safety Course
Time: 2.5 hr.
This electrical safety course is designed to help protect employees from the hazards associated with working with electricity.  This training includes guidelines for employee duties and responsibilities, jobsite analysis and inspections and safe work practices that must be followed.  This training complies with OSHA's Construction Industry Standard Sub part K Electrical.

Scaffold User Training
Time: 3.5 hr.
This course is through the Scaffold Training Institute and is taught around the world. This course covers the required subject matter that 29CFR1926 Sub Part L requires for scaffold users including fall hazards, electrical hazards, falling object hazards, fall protection systems, proper use and handling material while on scaffolds, maximum intended loads and any other pertinent requirements of this Sub Part L.

Scaffold Competent Person Inspector/Builder
Time:(8 hr. Insp.) (2 day builder)
This course is through the Scaffold Training Institute and is taught around the world. This course covers the required subject matter that 29CFR1926 Sub Part L requires for scaffold Competent Person. Topics covered: The nature of scaffold hazards, the correct procedures for erecting, disassembling, moving, operating, repairing, inspecting and maintaining the type of scaffold that is in use. The design criteria, maximum intended load-carrying capacity and intended use of the scaffold and any other pertinent requirements of this Sub Part L.

NFPA 70E Electrical Safety for Employees
Time: 2.0 hr.
This course is developed to help electrical and maintenance employees understand the NFPA70E requirements and basic electrical safety. Topics discussed include: arc flash boundaries, electrical safety and arc flash, personal protective equipment, signage and labels, lock out/tag out and arc flash hazards.

First-Aid/CPR, AED, Bloodbourne Pathogens
Time:(7.5 hr.) (Re-cert 3.5 hr.)
This course is designed to meet the guidelines established by OSHA and are geared towards designated workplace responders. American Heart Association and ECC 2010 guidelines.

Confined Space Training
Time: 4 hr
This course focuses on employees required to enter into confined or enclosed spaces. Classroom participants will have the opportunity to conduct a job hazard analysis. Also, a variety of contaminant detection, oxygen deficient atmospheric testing devices and rescue-equipment will be on display. This is designed to help meet OSHA CFR 1910.146 requirements.

OSHA 10 Hour Construction
Time: 2-8hr days
Since safe conditions depend on identifying and correcting hazards, periodic inspections are one of the most important aspects of a successful safety and health program. This seminar will provide participants with an introduction to considerations particular to the Safety and Health Regulations for Construction - 29 CFR Part 1926.

OSHA 30 Hour Construction
Time: 4-8 hr days
This course is recommended for the training of Management and Superintendents. Providing more in-depth information required to adhere to OSHA standards, the 30-hour training focuses on more technical aspects of Site Safety Management for construction sites. This course offers electives so the subject matter can be detailed to your needs.

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